Google Nest Thermostat


Are Smart Home Products for you? I recently installed a new ‘smart’ thermostat in our home. There are a number of brands out there offering smart product lines. This particular unit is from the Google Nest lineup. It’s a digital thermostat that has quite a bit of functionality — my favorite is being able to control the unit remotely via an app on our cell phones. The rising summer temps in Paso Robles has residents running air conditioning a lot of the time and a Nest thermostat can help save on energy costs. This Summer, we’ve been turning off the air conditioning while away from our home, then by using the app, we turn it on so it’s cool when we return. Now that’s cool!

These thermostats give one the ability to create a schedule with ‘temperature zones’ to save money on energy bills. It is possible to save 10-12% on heating costs and 15% on cooling costs.

We also decided to give the Nest Doorbell a try and we love it. It utilizes motion detection and will notify the homeowner via the Nest mobile app if there is movement near the front of the house.

Google Nest Doorbell

It also provides a live video feed that can be watched from the app or a computer and if someone rings the doorbell, you can quickly see who is at your front door and even talk with the visitor through an integrated intercom system.

Other Smart home gadgets give you the ability to turn your lights on using your smartphone, lock your doors remotely, and much more. I took our new smart thermostat one step further by connecting it with Alexa. Now we can control the temperature in the house by simple commanding Alexa to make the change by voice. This makes me think of the Jetson’s cartoon when growing up!

If you are considering installing Smart Home Products, email me here or give me a call at 805-423-5906. I’m a certified Google Nest Installer and would love to help!