About Me

 Originally from Illinois, I landed in Southern California in the late 80’s with the Marine Corps and I never looked back. I love the California lifestyle and people. The culture is so rich and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. My Dad and Grandpa were skilled carpenters and mechanics so I was always around the trades. I grew up with a hammer in my hand and love building things. Paso Magazine gave me a really nice write-up here.

Brad and Jennifer Golden at Farmer's Market

I live in Paso Robles with my wife Jennifer. At the start of 2018, we started a vegan artisan cheese and spreads business called, “The Vreamery”. Our products are plant-based and dairy free and we sell at north and south county Farmer’s markets. We also sell our products online.

We are slotted to open a new shop next year in the now under construction, “Paso Market Walk” here in Paso Robles. Learn more at TheVreamery.com

I’ve always been a huge Halloween fan and in 2016, I realized there weren’t any great Halloween parties happening in the area so I decided to produce one myself and, “The Halloween Harvest Costume Ball” was born. This is an upscale, professional production complete with high-end props and decorations, sound fx, visual fx, fog, Zombies and more! Held at the esteemed Tooth & Nail winery castle in Paso Robles, this is the Halloween party to attend. Hundreds of people arrive at the castle in costume and the energy is through the roof. My friend Dianne [a local costume designer and prop builder] helps me design and produce all the props and decorations. It’s a 21-or-older event and is costume mandatory. If you like Halloween parties, you don’t want to miss The Halloween Harvest Costume Ball in Paso Robles. This last year in 2018, we built an enormous, 2-story scarecrow that greeted everyone at the front entrance. Attendees had to walk through his legs to get inside. It is . . . the biggest Halloween party on the California Central Coast! Don’t miss the fun at HalloweenHarvestCostumeBall.com